Sacramento Geeks Unite!

A Collective of Fans, Fanatics and Aficiandos

What's a Sacramento Geek?

The online dictionary offers this definition of "geek":  "A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept."

Well, I beg to differ! 

OK, yeah, we may indeed be accomplished scientifically or technically, and sure, some of our fanatic interests may seem single-minded, AND, ok, maybe, sometimes, some of our social skills don't always lead us to the voted "Most Popular," (LOL)...

*BUT* experiences have been that geeks can be very friendly, fun and good people to know, largely because:

1) Geeks are highly intelligent, and thus capable of fascinating conversations, and creative ways of having fun;

2) Geeks tend to be very passionate people.  Their love for their favorite show/subject/thing often stems from that inner passion;. 

3) While Geeks do often have a favorite thing they're fanatical about, they usually also have a wide variety of other interests, and are usually very OPEN-minded!  

4) In our current technology-rich, multimedia-saturated world, Geeks rule!

What are Geek interests?

If you like -- and I mean REALLY like -- any of this stuff, you may be a geek....

  • Science fiction/Fantasy/"Cult" TV
    • Star Trek
    • Battlestar Gallactica
    • Farscape
    • Firefly
    • SG-1 and SG-Atlantis
    • Dr. Who or Torchwood
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Angel the Series
    • Supernatural
  • Science Fiction movies or literature
  • Fantasy movies or literature
  • Dragons, Fairies or other fantasy elements
  • Games
    • Board games & card games
    • Minatures
    • D&D
    • RPGs
    • LARP
    • Videogames especially such as World of Warcraft
  • Classic Literature
    • Shakespeare
    • Poetry
  • Science and math
  • Computers and technology/gadgets
  • Eclectic offbeat music
    • Warp 11
    • Space Vacuum from Outer Space
    • Weird Al
    • Dr. Demento
    • Filking
  • Rennaisance Fairs, Steampunk, SCA or other creative anacronisms
  • Star Trek, Sci-Fi, Comic Book or Anime Conventions
  • Costuming / Cosplay
  • Anime & Manga
  • Comic books

Are you a Geek, Nerd or Dork?

Geek: Understands, creates and fixes Really Cool Stuff.

Nerd: Understands and collects Really Cool Stuff.

Dork: Confused by Really Cool Stuff.

So... Are you a geek? Would you like to meet other geeks and find interesting things to do?

If so, proceed to our Lists of Geeks page, where you'll find lots of geek-led and geek-friendly clubs, bands, groups, shops and more....