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The following listings are geek-friendly either due to their subject matter or their typical membership or leadership/ownership; they are listed by category and then in ALPHABETICAL order. You can scroll up and down the page, for you can select a category from the drop-down menu below:

Social Clubs & "Meetups":


Boardgames & Cardgames Meetup of Sacramento (weekly gaming):

D&D Meetup of Sacramento (Dungeons & Dragons/RPGs):

Minature Wargaming Society of Sacramento (Yahoo Group & minatures playing club):

Sac Boardgames Yahoo Group: *

Sacramento Gamers Portal (tabletop: board/RPG/cards, etc.):

Sacramento Gaming Community:  

SAGE -- Sacramento Area Gaming Enthusiasts (RPG) Meetup:


General Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Other Meetups:

Pirate Meetup of Sacramento:

Sac Geeks Facebook: *

Sac Geeks Meetup:  *

Sac 'Scapers (Farscape club):

Thor's Refuge of Amtgard:



Science / Tech:

JP Aerospace:

Sac JAVA Users Group:

Sac PC Users Group:

Web Design Meetup of Sacramento:


Star Trek:

IKV Fire Dagger Klingon Ship (Trek/Klingon fan Yahoo Group & club):

IKV nom HegH (Swift Death) Klingon Assault Group Ship of Fair Oaks, Part of KAG StormRider Fleet: or email or

USS Defiance (Star Trek Yahoo Group & club): 

USS Oberon (Starfleet Int'l-affiliated Sci-Fi club): and or email  or sign up


Star Wars:

501st Legion Central California Garrison (Star Wars Stormtrooper costume club):

Sacramento Valley Rogue Force (Star Wars club): and


Entertainers & Notable Folks (including artist, performers, bands)

Mark Androvich, news editor for Games Industry website (& Folsom resident): and

Rajeev Bajaj, Fremont chemical engineer & geeksta rapper:

Nicolas Grabowsky (Horror novelist):

Keith Lowell Jensen (comedian/performer):

Anthony Leano (promoter, comicbook artist): and

Mr. Lobo / Cinema Insomnia: and

Jonathan Morken, filmmaker, Apprehensive Films:

ParaSuicidal comics & art (the artist is local to Sac):

Supreme ProWrestling:

Trash Film Orgy:

Warp 11 (Trek rock band): and 


Stores / Shops / Vendors

A-1 Comics (north Sacramento & Roseville):

Apprehensive Films:

Comics and Collectibles (on Fruitridge in Sacramento):

ECV Press (Comicbook publisher):

Empires Comic Vault (on Arden Way):

Great Escape Games (on Howe Ave.):

Heroes Alley (on Sunrise in Rancho Cordova):

916 Halo (original comicbooks & more):

Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns:

Sacramento Geek's E-Seller page for Cinema Insomina and Apprehensive Films:

This and That Collectibles (on Front St., Old Town Sac): 916-448-5367

Toy Fusion (on El Camino Ave.) 

X-Treme Geek (on White Rock in Rancho Cordova): and


Local Trivia

Just how geeky is Sacramento?  Well, did you know about the existence of Klingon Court and Romulan Court, two intersecting residential cul-de-sacs in Sacramento, in the 95823 zip code, near the Florin mall?  That intersection would be a Trekkie's dream address, eh?   To see where it is, try this link, and zoom in a tad:  http://www.mapquest .com/mq/1- wKk5 .  To go with the theme, the nearby streets are Galaxy Pkwy, Altair Pkwy, Uranus Pkwy, and Ursa Pkwy!  


More to come!

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