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Be Geekier Than Thou

Want to impress a fanboy? Airily dismiss all of his cherished touchstones. Tear down those idols with these brutal zingers.

Battlestar Galactica I liked it better when it was a cheesy Mormon metaphor, not a cheesy al Qaeda metaphor.

Twitter What I'm doing is too interesting to encapsulate in 140 characters.

Family Guy This just in: Non sequiturs aren't endlessly amusing.

Doctor Who In the UK, it's regarded as a "children's programme."

iPhone I'll wait for open source Android, thanks.

Judd Apatow Wish fulfillment for dorks: Loser gets beautiful girl.

Nerdcore Rapping about C++? I give that an F-minus-minus.

Heroes I can read Jack Kirby's entire oeuvre before the next plot point.

Manga South Koreans are doing more interesting graphic novels these days.

Star Wars Midi-chlorians. Nuff said.

Wired magazine You still read stuff printed on paper? Are you Amish?

X-Files It was no Kolchak.


Be Understood at ComicCon

Illustration: Nick Dewar
Illustration: Nick Dewar

"Worst. Episode. Ever."

Elvish: Anfaika. Tyalie. Oio.
Klingon: chovnatlh. qabqu'. rIntaH.
Pirate: Arrrh, 'twas by far the scurviest installment that e'er I laid eyes on!

Illustration: Nick Dewar
Illustration: Nick Dewar

"I have to go to the bathroom. Will you help me to remove my Stormtrooper armor?"

Elvish: Horyan karita nén. Á aukola ambassenya Húrohosséva ránin.
1337: brb bio.unzip pls?
Klingon: puch vIlo'nIS. may'luchwIj vIteq 'e' HIboQ.
Pirate: Arrrh, can ye help me shuck this scurvy husk so's I can unleash a deluge?

Illustration: Nick Dewar
Illustration: Nick Dewar

"You call this near-mint condition? It has a peanut butter stain!"

Elvish: Estatyes alahasta? Vahtana ná apsanen!
1337: nm!? roflmao, stainzzors!!1! wtf?
Klingon: pupbe' Dochvam. lam.
Pirate: Arrrh, this pamphlet's woefully besmirched, ye scurvy knave.

Illustration: Nick Dewar
Illustration: Nick Dewar

"Careful! That lightsaber cost $400!"

Elvish: Á tira! Sina kalamakil ammirwa ná!
1337: my0b n00b! m4h s4br3s t3h $p3n$iv3
Klingon: yIyep! waghqu' Dochvam.
Pirate: Arrrh, that there energy cutlass cost me a hogshead full o' guineas!

Thanks to d'Armond Speers of the Klingon Language Institute and Carl F. Hostetter of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship for their assistance

(All text and artwork shared under a Creative Commons License)

Article: "ComicCon 2008: Faithful Follwers of Cult TV"

The full article can be found here:

Key quote: "In the ever-expanding fan universe, the TV shows that make the most noise are often the ones most viewers have never heard of."

Plus a useful sidebar:


Places to find cult TV shows and the people who love them. “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” “Supernatural” and “Smallville” “Firefly”/“Serenity”

Also “Veronica Mars” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Doctor Who,” “Stargate SG-1” and “Stargate Atlantis” Blogs, fan fiction, devoted communities Recaps, blogs, passionate fan forums Titan magazines devoted to TV shows large and small, including “Torchwood,” “Lost” and “Grey's Anatomy” Fan conferences and merchandise from Creation Entertainment Cabo San Lucas cruise with “Veronica Mars” fans


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