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Fantastic Frontiers Charter 2004

"Fantastic Frontiers Nor Cal/Sacramento Science Fiction/Fantasy Social Club" started as a Yahoo Group but eventually evolved into  Here archived is the original charter...

Founded February 2002
Charter adopted October 9, 2004

Mission & Purpose:

  • To share an appreciation of science fiction & fantasy literature (books/stories/comics) & media (movies/TV)
  • To share opinions and reviews of science fiction and fantasy literature & media
  • To promote science fiction-themed events in Northern California
  • To promote various local events of possible interest to sci-fi and fantasy fans in Sacramento County and El Dorado counties
  • To plan & attend club events such as discussion meetings, DVD screenings, parties and conventions
  • To help science fiction and fantasy fans meet one another
  • To encourage scientific advancement in society
  • To encourage scientific study & science fiction literacy in the classroom
  • To support
  • To explore the ideals of science fiction, and major theories of science in the community, such as:
    "Seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no one has gone before!"
    "Live long and prosper"
    IDIC ("Indefinite Diversity in Indefinite Combinations")
    Non-violence, peace and communal sharing
    Free will & Freedom
    TANSTAAFL ("There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch")
    "Water brothers" (love without jealousy; since we all share Earth's water, we are all brothers)
    "Grokking" (to drink and absorb; to understand something so completely it becomes a part of you)
    Space Colonization
    Big Bang

    Fantastic Frontiers is a free, inclusive, equal opportunity fan club and will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.
    In order to be a member of F.F, an applicant must be 18 years or older (legally an adult), and have access to a computer in order to view the website for meeting information.

  • Leadership is voluntary. Anyone who has attended at least 3 meetings and who posts their intentions on the email group may be a leader.
  • Leadership entails work: helping out with publicity, website maintenance, running meetings, planning events, organizing conventions, etc.
  • Because the nature of this club is so participatory, typical leadership struggles are not an issue. Anyone is welcome to plan and post an event on the Yahoo Group (see below about the Group).
    Anyone is welcome to post and vote in a poll. Anyone can post a message to the group for all to see.
  • Leadership also has its benefits, such as honorary titles that can be self-selected and then agreed upon by fellow members.

    Fantastic Frontiers is a small informal casual club. We have many on our email list but usually only a few active members. In lieu of formal elections, decisions are usually decided by informal polls or majority show of hands or just by asking around what people want. Usually if three or 5 are happy with a choice, that's enough. So, to formalize the procedure here, if a club member can get 5 regular members (defined as members who have gone to at least 5 meetings) to agree with the question at hand, then that's enough to go ahead… post the issue online and do it. If in the future this becomes inadequate, more formal voting can be initiated. If a more formal vote is needed, an online web-based email-polling feature is available via the Yahoo Group.

    Yahoo Group (Communication):

    The Yahoo Group is a free message board -style email listserv that allows members to communicate en masse, unmoderated, via email. It also has a polling feature for voting, and an online calendar that members can access and add to. This allows members to plan and announce events.

    We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 1 pm. The location varies, but is always posted in advance on our website,, and is emailed to our members via our Yahoo Group. Meetings are free and open to the public.

    Our club is free; we do not charge dues. Members pay their own way at events (for example, they pay their own admission at a movie), and we do fundraising/donations for charity events such as our convention.

    Merchandising and Promotional Standards:
    It is recognized that any organization requires promotion on some level to help it grow. It is also recognized that Fantastic Frontiers is a club that celebrates copyrighted material and has no legal rights to profit from the sales of merchandise bearing images or ideas from copyrighted property. Consequently, it is agreed that whatever merchandise or promotional materials are created to advertise Fantastic Frontiers will adhere to Fantastic Frontiers' standards as defined below. This set of standards includes any t-shirts, items, print, or paraphernalia that bears the Fantastic Frontiers name or logo.

    Fantastic Frontiers Promotional Items Set of Standards:
    1. Club Promotional merchandise sold & distributed cannot contain any copyrighted images. For this purpose we have created original artwork & logos. 2. Club merchandise can only be sold by club members and on the club website. Club merchandise cannot contain any profane or vulgar features or statements and must be appropriate for young children.
    3. The club (meaning at least 2 regular members) must approve all new club merchandise.
    4. Club merchandise must not be tied to any outside commercial entity or venture.
    5. Club merchandise must not misrepresent or misidentify its user/wearer in any role other than as a member or supporter of the Fantastic Frontiers fan club. No shirt will bear the label 'Security' or 'Staff' unless created with the full permission of an event organizer and labeled specifically for that event only.

    Disciplinary Action:
    A member breaking the code of conduct, behaving in an unacceptable manner, or violating the tenets of this charter may face disciplinary action. Any member in good standing may bring a charge against another member to the group, who must then call a hearing. During the hearing, both sides of the conflict are related and witnesses and evidence submitted and recorded. A majority vote rules and a course of action is laid down. A minor offense brings formal censure, to which the charged member must respond with a public apology and restitution of goods or services if these are involved as well. Failing this, the member is placed on one-month probation, during which time he or she is not allowed to participate in club activities. If after probation the accused refuses to comply, members vote on the expulsion of the member by majority vote. In cases of a major offense, the members may move directly to a vote for expulsion.

    The following is a list of some major offenses and their punishments:

    1. Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or religion: This offense will result in expulsion from the club and a permanent ban from Group. Any member who is expelled for discrimination may appeal to club for re-instatement one year after the start of their banning. Any re-instatement will require a full and public apology to the club, the member or members who were discriminated against, and a 1 month probation period where the re-instated member is not allowed to participate in events until their conduct on the Group is shown to be acceptable.
    2. A Minor who lies about their age/location: The offender will be expelled from the club and banned from the Group until they are 18 years of age or one year, whichever is longer. After this period is up, they may re-apply for membership.
    3. Selling merchandise without following the standards. This offense will result in the termination of offender's membership and banning from the Yahoo Group. They may appeal for re-instatement after 1 year has passed since their expulsion.

    Signed and adopted by:

    Walter Biddick
    Wayne Chapman
    Wendy Chevrier
    John Hernandez
    Nora Hogan
    Chris King
    Stephanie Rector
    Andrew Wong
    on the date of October 9, 2004
    Brian Rauchfuss
    on the date of November 13, 2004
  • Fantastic Frontiers background

    I started Fantastic Frontiers (FF) when I moved to Placerville from SoCal in 2002, in order to meet new friends and share my love of SciFi and Fantasy.  It started out as a Yahoo Group.  I did succeed in making many friends through FF!   In 2005, I moved to Sacramento and found that there were actually a lot of interesting groups, clubs, events, stores and more for those of the geeky-persuasion such as me.  With the advent of, I found that to be a more powerful tool for helping all these great geek things and groups and people network and organize.  While Fantastic Frontiers still exists as both a wonderful social group and chatty Yahoo Group, I created the Sac Geeks Meetup with the domain name as an umbrella organization to cover a wider spectrum.  The website is a resource of that organization, another resource to help Geeks and geek-friendly groups in Sacramento find each other and grow. 

    Definition of "Fantastic Frontiers"

    fan.tas.tic fron.tiers (fan-tastik frun-tîrs) N.: 1. Northern California-based social club for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans (founded in Placerville in 2002).   2. The destination of friendly, intelligent, imaginative, diverse, open-minded, literate, and fun-loving geeks with common interests in the various genres of science fiction and/or fantasy. 3. New unexplored places, unexpected discoveries, exciting destinations, imaginative ideas, and uncharted territorites in land, water, air, space and/or time. 4. A setting where ones wildest dreams, nightmares and fantasies are explored.
    ETYMOLOGY: fantastic, meaning unrestrainedly fanciful, bizarre, or based on or existing only in fantasy, from Late Latin phantasticus, imaginary, from Greek phantastikos, able to create mental images, from phantazesthai, to appear. Plus frontier, meaning a region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area, or an undeveloped area or field for discovery or research, from Star Trek final frontier, space, and from Old French frontier, from front, forehead.

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